Risk Assessment for property inspections

The purpose of this risk assessment is to ensure that in the process of carrying out a property inspection/survey the safety of the surveyor and occupiers of the property is maintained and the risk of contamination or contracting the COVID-19 virus is minimised.

This has been prepared in conjunction with Government COVID-19 guidance published on the 11th May regarding working safely.

The assessment is split into 3 sections; pre-inspection, inspection process, post-inspection.


Before the inspection, the administration team will have carried out due-diligence with the occupiers, specifically their health and wellbeing, as well as confirming whether they are self-isolating, shielding or at increased risk.

They will also provide the occupiers with details of the inspection process. This is likely to be carried out 24-48 hours before the appointment. If there is any concern regarding the occupier’s condition or risk, the inspection will be delayed/deferred.

The occupiers will be asked, where possible, that internal doors and loft hatches are opened before the appointment to minimise contact.

Before arriving at the property, a further call will be made to the occupiers by the surveyor to ensure the circumstances have not changed in the interim and that the appointment can proceed. Again, the opening of doors and loft hatches will be reiterated to the occupier.

Inspection Process

Internal - Time carrying out the internal inspection of a property will be minimised, whilst also ensuring that sufficient consideration and detail is undertaken to allow the valuation/survey to be completed to a sufficient standard.

Upon arrival at the property, an initial external assessment will be carried out by the surveyor, obtaining as much information about the property and completing the inspection notes to the best of their ability.

Personal Protective Equipment provided to the surveyor will be worn upon arrival, including a face mask, disposable gloves and shoe covers for inside the property. Only equipment usually necessary to carry out the inspection/survey will be taken into the property (subject to any specialist requirements).

Where possible any questions or queries with the owner/occupier will be completed externally, at a safe distance (a minimum of 2m), before entering the property.

To maintain social distancing the occupiers will be encouraged to relocate to the garden while the internal inspection is completed to maintain social distancing. If this cannot be achieved due to adverse weather then a single room will be identified in which the occupier should remain until such time as the surveyor has completed all other rooms. A secondary room can then be chosen to relocate the occupier for the final room to be inspected.

Surveyors will politely decline refreshment during the process.

External - Contact with some garden gates, garage doors etc may be unavoidable but will be kept to a minimum.

Further queries can then be answered prior to surveyor departure.


Following the completion of the inspection, the PPE will be disposed of into a sealed bag and placed in waste disposal.

Hand sanitiser should be utilised and any equipment used should be cleaned down.

Occupiers may wish to sanitise any areas deemed to be a risk immediately after the surveyor has departed.


If you have any queries regarding the process or would like to discuss elements of the assessment please do not hesitate to call the office on 01476 584190 or  email survey@cwhsurveyors.co.uk

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